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Save Your Property From Spotted Lanternfly
John Rogalsky Treating Spotted Lanternfly

As the season continues, most of us are becoming more familiar with Spotted Lanternfly and the damage it can cause to our trees. This year we have witnessed an absolute outbreak, finding this pest spreading throughout most of our area. Within the last few weeks Spotted Lanternfly was found in Philadelphia, Radnor Township & Glen Mills in Delaware County, we've even identified one in West Chester Borough. This bug is clearly much more mobile than we originally expected. Last week we had gotten a disturbing phone call from Newlin Grist Mill in Glen Mills, confirming the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture had identified Spotted Lanternfly on the property. In order to stay ahead of any potential population outbreaks, we rushed out to perform a trunk injected application of the tree it was discovered on, the Tree of Heaven, also known as an Ailanthus.

After meeting with Jessica, the park supervisor, and driving up to the tree it was discovered on, we identified another Spotted Lanternfly along the trunk of the tree. Prepared with the correct equipment, we performed the application to kill any additional Spotted Lanternfly looking for a quick meal on this tree. In the past few days several others have shown up around the park. It is extremely important the entire community be on high alert for ANY Spotted Lanternfly sightings. 

Our systemic Trunk Injection Application method continues to perform wonders for all our customers, reporting results sometimes in the hundreds of dead Lanternfly typically within only 24HRS! If you have seen any Spotted Lanternfly on your property it is extremely important to call and schedule a property inspection with our Certified Arborist John Rogalsky to see which of your trees are at risk. Chances are if you're seeing Spotted Lanternfly around your home, they could most definitely be actively feeding on your trees. Please visit our Spotted Lanternfly Treatment page in order to learn more about how we can rid your trees of this pest.

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​Rick's Plant Health Care treated a Spotted Lanternfly infestation at Newlin Mill Park.

We are happy to be able to provide an application that gives results in as little as 24 Hours.

As early as July, adults can be seen. In the fall, adults mate and lay eggs from late September through the onset of winter.

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Saturday, 23 February 2019
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