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Insect and Disease Management

Insect and
Disease Management

Homeowners that want high quality plant care can get the insect and disease management that they need for their trees without damaging the environment or creating a hazard for kids, pets, and the local wildlife. Our unique Integrated Pest Management takes a new approach to protecting your plants and trees from pests. We use low impact modern methods to make sure that your plants and trees are protected from pests and to minimize the impact of pesticides on the environment. Homeowners that want to keep their plants and trees healthy and beautiful without disturbing the natural beauty of the environment love our commitment to using the most up to date and environmentally friendly methods for pest and disease control.


What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Our approach to insect and disease management is to assess each homeowner’s unique property and develop a plan for insect and disease management based on the size of the property, the amount of trees and plants, and other factors. Our Philadelphia plant care experts are trained to know what types of pests and disease are common in this area and what types of insects and diseases are a threat to the particular species of trees and plants on a property. Our team members know the life cycle and habits of the most common insects and pests and can help you plan a proactive strategy to protect your plants and trees before they become a target for insects of disease. This comprehensive approach saves you money by creating a treatment plan designed to prevent infestations and disease rather than treating the trees and plants after insects or diseases have become a problem.

Available Methods For Insect And Disease Management

All of our Philadelphia plant care experts are trained to use modern innovations in the fight to keep your trees and plants healthy. They have the latest equipment and the best training and they continually learn about new pest and disease management techniques. Some of the methods of insect and pest prevention that we use include:

Pest Management Trunk Injections


Trunk injections are a direct way to fight pests and disease where pesticides and nutrients are injected directly into the tree. By boosting the health of the tree with essential nutrients that are injected right into the vascular system of the tree the tree has a better chance of naturally repelling pests while maintaining great health. And pesticide injected directly into the trunk of the tree minimized the impact of using pesticide on the surrounding area so that there are no chemical pesticides introduced to the environment which makes it safe for your pets, your kids, or any wildlife in the area as well as for the plants and shrubs that are in the area.
Pest Management Soil Injections


Another method that our Philadelphia plant care experts can use is to inject nutrients and pest control elements deep into the soil near the root of the tree. The nutrient solution is put into a pressurized container and pumped directly through a pipe deep into the soil next to the tree roots. Then the material is absorbed by the tree and used to keep the tree healthy and growing. Soil injections also minimize the amount of pesticides that are introduced into the area because they are injected deep down into the soil.
Pest Management Growth Regulation


Sometimes it’s necessary to restrict the growth of trees or shrubs in a particular area in order to protect the trees that are there. Unrestricted wild growth can be attractive to pests and it’s an easy way for diseases to spread. Using a growth regulator in targeted woody areas will help your trees and plants thrive and stay pest free by slowing down the growth of weeds, wild brush, and other material that can become a hazard to the existing trees and plants. One of our Philadelphia plant health experts can assess your property and determine if growth regulation is a good way to prevent disease and insects from infesting your trees and plants.
Pest Management Deep Root Feeding


Healthy trees and plants are naturally more resistant to disease and insect damage. Keeping your trees and plants healthy can mean using deep root feeding to ensure that your living plants and trees are getting the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy. During deep root feeding a highly concentrated nutrient solution is carefully placed in the soil near the root of the tree so that the tree can absorb the health boosting nutrients. Strategically placing the additional nutrients means that the tree will be able to get more of the nutrients because those nutrients won’t be lost in the soil or scattered all over the way they would be if they were just sprayed near the tree.

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